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An interview about two books

Listen to an interview?about two books?to practise and improve your listening skills.

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No. I don't.

Dark is light in front of black. I am actually interested in stories which deal with murder, sexual assault, bullying, and familiar troubles. In fact, these topics are in everyone's lips nowadays, and reading a book may be truly helpful for someone in pain or even for those who are looking to learn about it. A dark book may be light for someone else life.

From my perspective, reading dark books is a thousand times better than books with happy ends. To elaborate on this point, behind every dark book a massage that an author tries to convey to the readers. thus, they are more educational and about life though one has a bad feeling after finishing it.

I like to read 'dark' books especially Russian classic literature. The last book that kind of genre I read is Poor people by Dostoevsky. The book is written to a similar second book in the podcast - in letters. You find out how people live approximately one hundred and fifty years ago, what kind of problems they dealt with. Their fates are difficult and complex. But it makes you think about your life, about your country and is that book relevant today.

I habe the Book really liked, because for me brings Peace and Harmony when I one so good written Book read. It is dark, but it is good. Very recommended!

I like books of one author who was mentioned in this audio: Lionel Shriver. I read "We need to talk about Kevin". It is a book with a very unexpected ending. For me it was not so easy to read this book because author uses very difficult words and her language is very complicated. But in spite of this this book is worth to read! There is another book of Lionel Shriver which I also recommend to read: "The new Republic".

thanks a lot
i have enjoyed this podcast, it's really interesting for me; as i like novels

personally I do not like dark books because normally they have sad endings,
I prefer to read adventures books or scary books,they keep me on the edge of my seat,although I would like to give it a try.


Could you please explain why the correct answer for the 2nd sentence in Task 2 is B?

Thank you in advance.


Hello Adam83

Even though B is not the best summary of the reasons that Helen liked the book, it is clearly a better answer than the other two. On many official English language exams, the correct answer is not always the most satisfying answer, but it is clearly better than the other options, and so by the process of elimination, it is the correct answer. This is what we had in mind when we worded this question this way.

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